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We are back in Court! Do you need help liaising with Social Services?

Do you need help liaising with Social Services regarding a child? Our Family Law team can help you with our trusted expertise, with compassion and understanding. If you have worries or concerns about paperwork received from Social Services about your child then please read on…

So, who remembers over two years of  not being able to go out, panic buying food, stashing toilet roll, excessive amounts of gardening, and washing an un-driven car?  How about Zoom meetings in the bedroom with your Boss having just woken up and chucked some water across your hair to restyle he bed hair?

Well, the purpose of this blog is to talk out loud and think about how some families need help in such testing and stressful times.   

It’s fair to say that everyone in the country has been affected by recent events, and we all need different ways of being supported when times are tough. However, the Family Department at Rubin Lewis O’Brien has been alive and alert to make sure our clients have not been without support, such as appropriate emotional support or face to face meetings. 

During this horrible pandemic, we decided to keep our offices open and provide our clients with the service needed.  Video calls are ok, but we like to work effectively face to face, and get to know our client and their story, to deliver the best service possible. We are not afraid to pop the kettle on and give out some of the biscuits our Practice Manager has brought in! 

Now, we once again find ourselves in the new and good old-fashioned ways of working.  We are back in court! 

Mmm, so is this good or bad? There is no better way of helping clients in the most stressful of times.  Take this example, starting with a question for you to think about:  

Question: How can talking to someone on a video before court about a child being adopted really deliver the trust, emotional warmth and reassurance of advice that a face-to-face meeting can have?  Mum or dad know they may never see their child again and they need a person who they trust to be next to them in court, and to see their expressions and actually get to know them.  

Or, imagine being a barrister, solicitor, paralegal, a trainee, or a social worker and  imagine yourself being asked this by a mum or a dad:  

“Help me please, I messed up and I want my children home.  I can’t say things properly like I want on a video call, and I don’t get what happened in court and need help to sort this out.”    

Then they burst into tears and are inconsolable. They panic and repeat requests for help. It’s not an easy job, but this is what we do! 

Answer: In short, we are happy to be back in court. Being back in court now enables people who may struggle with confidence, to fully understand the complicated life of court cases and to really feel part of their child’s case.  We like to work with our clients closely and face to dace and we have always supported them, and will continue to do so for you!

Everyone, in different ways has adapted to the changes but now we go back to court. We easily forget how we can adapt to change, but we do not forget what our clients want and need. The courts and every professional involved in child protection proceedings bust a gut in order to ensure that child welfare continues to be at the forefront of priority. 

What is needed is a few more new suits, and to pop the joggers back in the wardrobe….right at the back! 

On a more serious note, as a firm, we take keeping everyone safe and complying with the latest guidance very seriously, and if you have a query, we want to hear from you.

We wish everyone good health and to keep smiling! 

For more information, contact the Family Department by email familygroup@rlo.law or 01633 867000 and/or speak with one of the family team.  

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